Tuesday Game Development Lab Spring 2024

Tuesday Game Development Lab Spring 2024

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Building a 2D Rogue-like Game with Unity 

In this class, you will learn the fundamentals of developing a Rogue-like game in Unity, inspired by popular titles like Hades and Vampire Slayer. Rogue-like is a turn-based dungeon crawler game where you have to fight your way through levels of a dungeon, picking up items and defeating enemies along the way. With a focus on 2D we will be using industry standard Unity and C# programming to develop your game.

Class Objectives:

  1. Setting Up Your Unity Project: Learn how to create a new Unity project and set up the basic structure for your Rogue-like game.
  2. Player Character Control: Implement player movement and interactions within Unity, allowing your players to explore the dungeon, pick up items, and engage with enemies seamlessly.
  3. Procedural Level Generation: Master the art of creating random dungeon levels using Unity's capabilities, ensuring that each playthrough offers a unique experience.
  4. Enemy AI and Combat in Unity: Create enemy AI behaviors and implement a turn-based combat system, allowing your players to strategize their battles using Unity's scripting.
  5. Items and Inventory Management: Design and implement a system for picking up and managing items within Unity, including weapons, armor, and consumables.
  6. Health and Resource Systems in Unity: Construct health and resource systems for both the player and enemies using Unity, complete with rules for damage and healing.
  7. Game Over and Progression Mechanics: Set up win and lose conditions and a progression system within Unity, ensuring your game is engaging and rewarding for players.
  8. Polishing and UI with Unity: Enhance the user experience by adding a user interface, animations, and audio effects to your game using Unity's versatile tools.
  9. Testing, Debugging, and Publishing with Unity: Learn how to test your game, identify and fix common bugs, and optimize performance within Unity. Explore the steps needed to publish your Rogue-like game on various platforms, making it accessible to a wider audience through Unity's deployment capabilities.

Class Stats:
Digital (Device Time): 95%
Analog (Hands on - for game flow ideas): 5%
Difficulty Level: Beginner to Intermediate
Type of Device Provided: Alienware PC Laptop
Application: Unity
Coding: Unity uses C#: must have some coding experience. 

Educator: Brandon Tong
Tuesdays: 3-5:30pm, late stay available till 6pm
Dates: 1/30 – 6/11
No Classes: 2/20, 4/23
Ages: 9+
Available Seats: 4

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