About Us

LOCATION: 358 Grand St., Brooklyn.
PHONE: 917.966.6000

  • Monday (Moon Day): 3pm-6:30pm
  • Tuesday (Tyr's Day): 3pm-6:30pm
  • Wednesday (Oden's Day): 3pm-6:30pm
  • Thursday (Thor's Day): 3pm-7:30pm
  • Friday (Freyja's Day): 3pm-6:30pm
  • Saturday (Saturn's Day): 12pm-5:30pm
  • Sunday (Sun Day): 12pm-4:30pm

Geek Forest is a family run business. We are total Geeks with a love for tinkering.

Geek Forest is a Makerspace*. It is a space where people can gather for DIY projects, collaborations, self-learning, making, exploring, sharing & tinkering. Geek Forest is also a multi-faceted retail store focusing on robotics, electronics, DIY kits, experiments kits, wearables, etc. for the maker community. We hold after school, summer camp, adult workshops, teen meetups, free family workshops and events.


*Makerspace is a constructivist and constructionist movement. Imagine DIY meets education! Makerspace is not only a hackshop where you can go to learn how to use a 3D printer for the afternoon, but an educational concept as well! A makerspace presents readily-available materials that can act as a provocation for inquiry, as well as modern technology and items to invent with.

​*Makerspace is more than a space itself, it is a mindset that can and should be taught (Gerstein, 2014). We have a student culture of children who have learned to consume technology; educational zombies with all of their technological skill residing in the swipe of an index finger. With a makerspace, we can move beyond consumption to creation! There is a strong advocacy for this type of teaching and learning and it is critical for policy makers to understand as we develop frameworks that move away from consumption, towards creation in our educational settings (Alberta Education, 2011; Fullan, 2013; Wagner & Compton, 2012). A makerspace is about “turning knowledge into action” (Flemming, 2015, p. 7), and allows for a true opportunity to support personalized learning (Martinez & Stager, 2013). 

Visit our Brooklyn shop at 358 Grand Street in Williamsburg

Contact us at overlord@thegeekforest.com.

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