Air Hoover (They/Them) - Educator
Air Hoover Air is an artist and designer with a BA in environmental studies and a BFA in fine art. Their work crosses many mediums including textile, drawing, and digital rendering. Topics such as systems thinking, urban planning, future imaginaries, and social patterns are important in their practice of world building. Air spends their time having fun, dancing, and making art with their trans and queer community.

Brandon Tong (He/Him) - Educator
Brandon Tong Brandon is an artist, coder, and musician living in Ridgewood. His work explores the ways we can use the vast array of URL technology to foster IRL connection. Hailing from Golden, Colorado he loves bike rides, buffalo wings, and summer sunrises.

Brint Hansen (He/Him) - Educator
Brint HansenBrint Hansen  is a musician, sound designer, artist, and programmer living in Queens, NY. While studying Programming he began making his own Unity games in his spare time. With 5 years of experience making adventure games, platformers, and RPGs in Unity he’s excited to share his knowledge of programming and game design.

Deirdre Irvine (They/Them) - Educator
Deirdre Irvine Deirdre is a 23 year old Rhode Islander living in Brooklyn. After studying environmental science in the Hudson Valley, Deirdre moved to pursue a career in the arts. Deirdre attempts to play with their lazy cat in their free time.

Hazza Block (They/Them) - Educator
Hazza Block Hazza Block is an interdisciplinary artist, designer, and educator based in New York City. They have a AAS in communication design and a BFA in graphic design from the Fashion institute of Technology, where they also took minors in art history, color studies, and ethics and sustainability. They are currently a student at the City College of New York studying for their MA in art education. In addition to their creative practice, Hazza likes to play dungeons and dragons for their friends, snowboard in the winter, and make music. They also enjoy RPG video games, animation, and manga.

Kaitlin Gaspar (Any/All) - Educator
Kaitlin Gaspar Kaitlin Gaspar is a graduate of NYU’s Film & TV program where she focused on production design and animation. They grew up immersed in STEM and one day hope to create a Rube Goldberg Machine that spans their entire house. A North Carolina native, Kaitlin is a huge appreciator of the subway system and the treasures found stooping. Kaitlin specializes in stop motion animation, puppetry, and fabrication- with an emphasis on creating everything from recycled materials.

Lara Lewison (She/Her) - Educator
Lara Lewison Lara is a Unity Developer, musician, and visual artist from Mukilteo/WA. She has worked freelance as a Unity developer building AR/VR interaction prototypes, making music videos and interactive album art, and creating projections for theater and performance sets. She graduated with a B.A. in Music from Columbia University and was the 2020 class recipient of the Louis Sudler Prize in the Arts.

Matt Rubin (He/Him) - Dungeon Master
Matt Rubin Matt graduated from NYU’s Gallatin School of Individualized study with a concentration in Applied Narrative Studies in 2019, and graduated from CUNY’s Graduate Center’s Digital Humanities program in 2022. Matt has a colorful background with expertise in critical analysis and literary theory, mythology and apocrypha, philosophy and esoterica, and narrative and storytelling. With well over half a decade of experience as a Dungeon Master for people across many place, ages, and backgrounds, Matt knows Wizards of the Coast’s Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition like one knows the back of one’s hand, Matt also has megabytes upon megabytes of custom-created dynamic material for the system. This includes enough adventures and lore to fill a bookshelf, an entire menagerie of unusual creatures stemming from myriad inspirations, and several collections of rules that turn D&D 5e on its head for those who want to try something offbeat and different. Matt’s entire career up to this point has centered on freelance pedagogy, specifically in the realm of teaching about storytelling, technology, and the world at large through games and encouraging students to explore and apply their creative spirits in everything they do, and Matt enthusiastically aims to continue doing this for the foreseeable future.