Tuesday Computer Science Lab Spring 2024

Tuesday Computer Science Lab Spring 2024

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Minecraft Block-Based Coding Fundamentals

In this class, your child will explore the world of block-based coding using Minecraft Education. Starting with creative adventures, they'll be introduced to the exciting realm of computer science. Through these experiences, they'll grasp the basics of coding using Code Builder and MakeCode blocks, learning how to think critically and solve problems using computational skills. As they progress, the lessons will guide them through an exploration of essential coding concepts such as algorithms, sequencing, loops, conditionals, operators, events, variables, and functions. Each step of this journey aims to showcase how coding opens doors to logical thinking and problem-solving within the Minecraft universe. There will also be free play at the end of class.

Class Objectives:

  1. Sequential Coding: Develop task completion skills through Agent movements using sequencing.
  2. Algorithmic Problem-Solving: Craft algorithms using pseudocode, patterns, and loops for effective solutions.
  3. Conditional Logic Proficiency: Utilize loops, conditionals, and nested loops to solve complex tasks efficiently.
  4. Effective Collaboration: Collaborate effectively with peers to plan, program, and present coding ideas.
  5. Reinforced Coding Skills: Solidify understanding of loops, conditionals, and master effective coding debugging.
  6. Logical Analysis and Problem-Solving: Learn comparison operators, Boolean logic, and enhance coding skills through analysis.
  7. Applied Conceptual Understanding: Apply learned concepts to solve coding puzzles, reinforcing comprehension.
  8. Creative Coding Techniques: Explore creativity in coding with variables, events, functions, and multiple algorithms.

Class Stats:
Digital (Device Time): 95%
Analog (Hands on): 5%
Difficulty Level: Beginner to Intermediate
Type of Device Provided: iPad
Application: Minecraft Education
Coding: Block-Based Coding

Educator: TBD
Tuesdays: 3-5:30pm, late stay available till 6pm
Dates: 1/30 – 6/11
No Classes: 2/20, 4/23
Ages: 6+
Available Seats: 4

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