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Retro Foam On-Ear Headphones

Retro Foam On-Ear Headphones

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Take a step back in time with these retro-inspired headphones, perfect for vintage enthusiasts and Stranger Things fans alike. The bright foam coverings add a touch of old-school charm, while the adjustable plastic clips and metal band offer a comfortable fit for all head sizes.

These headphones are not intended to provide the ultimate high-fidelity audio experience of more expensive units, but rather to give a stylized look and a unique audio experience that is perfect for those who appreciate nostalgia and retro aesthetics at an affordable price point.

With their standard headphone auxiliary jack, these headphones can be easily connected to your favorite devices, and their cord length of just under 4ft ensures that you can move around without being tethered to your device.

If you're looking for an exceptional lo-fi audio experience that provides a touch of nostalgia and a unique aesthetic, these vintage-inspired headphones are perfect for you.

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