Monday Animation Lab Spring 2024

Monday Animation Lab Spring 2024

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The Art of Puppetry + Stop Motion Animation

This class offers an in-depth exploration of the fusion of puppetry and stop-motion animation. It covers the fundamentals of puppetry, including puppet crafting and manipulation, and guides you through the process of animating these puppets frame by frame in the realm of stop-motion animation. Additionally, you'll learn the art of storytelling, enabling you to develop captivating narratives that seamlessly integrate with your newfound skills. Collaborative projects and inspiration from renowned artists in both puppetry and animation will enhance your creative abilities. By the end of this class, you'll have a strong foundation in both puppetry and stop-motion animation, enabling you to breathe life into objects and characters through the magic of motion and storytelling.

Class Objectives:

  1. Introduction to Puppetry: Explore the rich history and diverse forms of puppetry, from marionettes to hand puppets, and gain a deeper appreciation of this timeless art form. 
  2. Puppet Design and Construction: Learn the essential skills and techniques required to design, build, and manipulate various types of puppets, allowing you to create unique characters for your animations. 
  3. Stop Motion Fundamentals: Master the fundamental principles of stop motion animation, from frame-by-frame shooting to creating smooth and captivating motion.
  4. Storytelling: Develop the ability to craft compelling narratives and effectively communicate emotions through your puppets and animation.
  5. Character Development: Explore the psychology of your characters, breathing life into them through nuanced movement and expression.
  6. Set Design and Props: Acquire the knowledge and techniques necessary to design and build miniature sets and props that enhance your storytelling. 
  7. Production Techniques: Learn how to plan and execute a complete stop motion animation project, from storyboarding to post-production editing. 
  8. Showcase Your Art: Culminate the course with a final project, where you'll apply your newfound knowledge and skills to create a unique puppetry + stop motion animation masterpiece.

Class Stats:
Digital (Device Time): 60%
Analog (Hands on): 40%
Difficulty Level: Beginner to Intermediate
Type of Device Provided: iPad
Application: Stop Motion Studio Pro

Educator: Kaitlin Gaspar
Mondays: 3-5:30pm, late stay available till 6pm
Dates: 1/29 – 6/10
No Classes: 2/19, 4/1, 4/22, 5/27
Ages: 6+
Available Seats: 4

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