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Loop: Ring Series Book 3

Loop: Ring Series Book 3

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In this much-awaited conclusion of the Ring trilogy, everything you thought you knew about the story will have to be put aside. In Loop, the killer mimics both AIDS and cancer in a deadly new guise. Kaoru Futami, a youth mature beyond his years, must hope to find answers in the deserts of New Mexico and the Loop project, a virtual matrix created by scientists. The fate of more than just his loved ones depends on Kaoru's success.

Loop is written as a stand-alone work though it is best enjoyed by fans of Ring and Spiral. The author's own favorite of the trilogy, this astounding finale is an emotionally resonant tale that scales conceptual heights from an angle all its own. Fiction about fiction has rarely been so gripping.

Author: Koji Suzuki
Publisher : Vertical; 1st Paperback Ed edition (October 3, 2006)
Paperback : 288 pages
Dimensions : 5.22 x 0.75 x 7.99 inches
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