July 29 – Aug 2 Intensive Game Dev Camp 2024

July 29 – Aug 2 Intensive Game Dev Camp 2024

Game Development Lab: Unity 2D Mini Game Workshop

This class offers hands-on experience in game development, covering a range of popular genres including RPGs, FPS games, and idle games utilizing Unity Game Engine. Unity is an industry standard game engine used for creating interactive content across various platforms, known for its user-friendly interface, powerful scripting capabilities in C#, and extensive asset store. Participants will gain proficiency in essential game systems, from coding fundamentals to crafting engaging UI, immersive audio effects, cinematic cutscenes, mesmerizing special effects, procedural terrain generation, and animation techniques.

This intensive game development camp for advanced students, is tailored exclusively for serious game design students aiming to enhance their skills and portfolios. With small class sizes ensuring focused learning, participants will engage in a comprehensive curriculum covering essential aspects of game design. Featuring top-notch Alienware hardware and industry-standard software, campers will explore cutting-edge tools and techniques in game development.

Monday - Friday 9-3pm
Ages: 10+
Available seats: 2
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