July 22 – July 26 Summer Camp 2024

July 22 – July 26 Summer Camp 2024

Art Lab: Comic Book Design (morning)

Participate in our hands-on lab focused on the practical aspects of crafting graphic narratives. Students will engage directly with the process, covering panel layouts, character design, and sequential storytelling. Through interactive, Students will learn penciling, inking, and coloring techniques to bring their ideas to fruition. The lab focuses on practical activities, allowing students to experiment with various styles and storytelling methods. Whether you're a beginner or have some experience, this lab offers a supportive environment to develop your comic book design skills. Attendees will leave with their own crafted comic book narratives.

Animation Lab: Art of Digital Animation (afternoon)

Explore the world of animation in our lab, where we begin with the user-friendly iPad app FlipaClip as the starting point for animation creation. This lab is designed for individuals interested in animating on digital platforms. Participants will kick off their animation journey by mastering FlipaClip, learning the fundamentals of frame-by-frame animation, character movement, and basic storytelling techniques. As the week progresses, we'll transition to the advanced capabilities of Procreate Dreams, offering a seamless evolution for participants to elevate their animation skills. From sketching initial concepts to bringing them to life with dynamic movements and visual effects, this lab provides a comprehensive experience in 2D animation using cutting-edge digital tools.

Monday - Friday 9-3pm
Ages: 6+
Available seats: 8
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