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German Tarot: Tarot Allemand À Deux Têtes

German Tarot: Tarot Allemand À Deux Têtes

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Printed on quality 350gsm card stock and coated with a smooth aqueous coating. Full Size Tarot at 4.75 by 2.75. Proudly Printed in the U.S.A This Tarot Deck, first printed in the 18th century, is a classic "Tarot Allemand à deux têtes," referring to the mirrored nature of the face cards and major arcana. This style of tarot has the old world classic european suits of spades, diamonds, clubs and hearts in place of the more common suits of cups, swords, wands and coins used now. This style of tarot comes not from the italian style of tarot known as "Tarocchi," but rather from the german style of tarot "Der Taroc".

***WARNING, this deck is for advanced readers and comes with no guide ***

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