Friday Gaming Lab Fall 2024

Friday Gaming Lab Fall 2024

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Dungeons & Dragons: Phandelver and Below: The Shattered Obelisk

Journey to the beloved town of Phandalin, where a malevolent cult threatens to overtake the region. Together with your party, solve mysteries and stamp out growing corruption as you uncover more about the peculiar happenings plaguing the town. Discover what lurks below in this high-fantasy adventure that begins with the familiar story of Lost Mine of Phandelver and then delves into the perilous Underdark. The heroes soon learn that the cult of a malevolent entity has set its sights on transforming Phandalin into the capital of its evil empire. To save the town from oblivion, the heroes must uncover a nefarious plot and confront the otherworldly cultists directly.

Class Objectives:

  1. Investigate Phandalin's Mysteries: Explore the town of Phandalin to uncover the strange occurrences and hidden dangers threatening its peace.
  2. Develop Problem-Solving Skills: Engage in quests and challenges that require critical thinking and collaboration to solve.
  3. Combat Growing Corruption: Strategize and battle against the corrupt forces infiltrating the town, using teamwork and tactical planning.
  4. Explore New Environments: Delve into unfamiliar and perilous locations, encountering new creatures and obstacles as you progress.
  5. Enhance Role-Playing Abilities: Improve your role-playing skills, creating memorable characters and engaging deeply with the story.
  6. Learn Advanced 5th Edition Mechanics: Master the rules and mechanics of Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition, including combat, spellcasting, and character development.
  7. Work as a Team: Foster strong collaboration and communication within your party to overcome challenges and achieve shared goals.

Class Stats:
Digital (Device Time): 95%
Analog (Hands on): 5%
Difficulty Level: Beginner to Intermediate
Type of Device Provided: Alienware PC Computer
Application: RPG Maker
Coding: RPG Maker uses a command system and editable parameters, users will be able to rapidly create systems without any sort of coding knowledge. JavaScript can be added for advanced users but is not part of this course.

Educator: TBD
Times: 3-5:30pm, late stay available till 6pm
Dates: 9/13 - 1/24
No Classes: 11/1, 11/29, 12/27
Ages: 9+
Available Seats: 5

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