Friday Game Development Lab Spring 2024

Friday Game Development Lab Spring 2024

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Roblox Studio: Coding Obbys + Adventure Games

Level up from gamer to developer! This class aims to teach your child the frameworks of coding principles through the programming language Lua within Roblox Studio Education. They will work to design environments for their worlds using a built-in 3D design tool, build interactive structures, and apply basic coding concepts to create obstacle courses and adventure games that they can play with their friends.

Class Objectives:

  1. Roblox Studio Proficiency: Understand the workings of Roblox Studio, including its interface, tools, and overall functionality. This involves becoming comfortable with the workspace to create, modify, and manipulate game elements effectively.
  2. Lua Scripting Skills: Gain a strong grasp of Lua, the programming language used in Roblox. Develop the ability to write scripts to control in-game behavior, such as character movement, interactions, and game mechanics.
  3. 3D World Design: Objective: Learn how to use Roblox Studio's 3D design tools to craft visually appealing and immersive game environments. This includes creating terrain, structures, and interactive elements to enhance the gaming experience. 
  4. Challenging Obstacle Courses: Design and script obstacle courses (known as "Obbys") with varying levels of difficulty. Understand how to create engaging challenges, traps, and puzzles to keep players entertained and motivated.
  5. Adventure Game Creation: Create an adventure game where players explore a world to find items to harvest and sell. Perfect for those who have already have some familiarity with Roblox Studio and basic coding concepts up to if/then statements.
  6. Effective Testing and Debugging: Learn how to thoroughly test games to identify and address issues or bugs. Acquire skills in debugging and troubleshooting to ensure a smooth and enjoyable gaming experience for players.

Class Stats:
Digital/Device Time: 95%
Analog/Hands on (for game flow ideas): 5%
Difficulty Level: Intermediate
Type of Device Provided: Alienware PC Laptop
Application: Roblox Studio
Coding: Roblox Studio uses Lua: must have some coding experience

Educator: Brandon Tong
Fridays 3-5:30pm, late stay available till 6pm
Dates: 2/2 – 6/14
No Classes: 2/23, 3/29, 4/26, 6/7
Ages: 9+
Available Seats: 4

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