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Fate of Fantos: The Iridium Wars

Fate of Fantos: The Iridium Wars

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Throughout the eons, hordes of aliens and beasts from across the galaxy have descended upon the planet of Fantos in search of Iridium, the life force of all existence. As the hordes multiplied, conflict became commonplace, splintering the population into rival citadels. Eventually, war, greed, and the depletion of resources pushed Fantos to the brink of destruction, and in response to the planet's cry for help, Zodraz, the Cosmic Warden, intervened, sentencing the planet to a great cull to be survived by only a single worthy citadel.

Fate of Fantos: The Iridium Wars is a tableau-building card game with competitive and co-operative elements for 3-6 players, each assuming the role of a unique citadel of Fantos. Each are responsible for hiring acolytes to manage their affairs, with the ultimate goal of obtaining the most Iridium, and therefore the most favorable position when Zodraz finally arrives.

Citadels must manage their Iridium harvesting strategically, however, as it further contributes to the pollution of Fantos, revealing new trials along the way. Zodraz also unleashes plagues, summons cosmic creatures, and forces dissent between the citadels as the game progresses. Citadels must choose whether to resolve them together as a planet, or watch as rival citadels struggle to survive.
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