Aug 19 – Aug 23 Summer Camp 2024

Aug 19 – Aug 23 Summer Camp 2024

Art Lab: Alt. Photography + Collage (morning)

In this lab, students will learn various forms of alternative photography and collage. Through hands-on experiences, delve into the creation of photograms, a camera-less technique rooted in the origins of photography, offering a profound understanding of light and exposure. As an added dimension, seize the opportunity to explore and incorporate collage techniques into your creations. This interactive class provides a supportive environment where you can experiment with diverse materials, from magazines and found objects to specialty papers and fabrics. Students will end up with a collection of pieces that represent your unique style and imagination.

Computer Science Lab: Minecraft + Coding Fundamentals (afternoon)

In this lab, your child will explore the world of block-based coding using Minecraft Education. Starting with creative adventures, they'll be introduced to the exciting realm of computer science. Through these experiences, they'll grasp the basics of coding using Code Builder and MakeCode blocks, learning how to think critically and solve problems using computational skills. As they progress, the lessons will guide them through an exploration of essential coding concepts such as algorithms, sequencing, loops, conditionals, operators, events, variables, and functions. Each step of this journey aims to showcase how coding opens doors to logical thinking and problem-solving within the Minecraft universe. There will also be free play at the end of lab.

Monday - Friday 9-3pm
Ages: 6+
Available seats: 8
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