Aug 12 – Aug 16 Summer Camp 2024

Aug 12 – Aug 16 Summer Camp 2024

Art Lab: Board Game Design (morning)

This lab spotlights board games as well as creating their own game from scratch! Students will explore different types of games: cooperative games such as Castle Panic, area control games like My First Carcassonne, and combat games such as 5-Minute Dungeon. Other favorites that we love playing are Ticket to Ride Ghost Train, Telestrations, Codenames, and 7 Wonders Architect. We will also create and play card games such as Sushi Go, and design & create their very own Pokémon cards. This lab will support collaboration, friendship, social skills, critical thinking and just plain old fun.

Animation Lab: Mixed Media Stop Motion Animation (afternoon)

Students will bring their unique stories to life and learn to write, design, storyboard, construct sets, shoot, and produce a completed mixed media animated short film. Stop motion is an animation technique almost as old as motion pictures themselves. Students will learn how to design their characters, use objects for set design, and use storyboards to map out their narrative. This lab is the first step in understanding the mechanics of stop motion animation using an iPad and designed specifically for the young learner in mind.

Monday - Friday 9-3pm
Ages: 6+
Available seats: 8
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