geek forest at home 4/13/2020

hello everyone! Lilou took lead on this blog. 

Lilou is recommending this book! Free on audible from her school, but you can hear an excerpt here: Interview with the Robot

Movie: Carrot Cake Muffin Fun
By: Lilou Sutton 

As part of a project for Lilou's class, we've created an instagram of our cat Thunder. Follow #thundercatstorm27 

Fun game Lilou & Dex are playing
It’s fun and can be played by the whole family
One person is designated: The Monster Designer
Everyone else get a paper and pencil!
The Monster Designer asks everyone to draw something about each body part. Your imagination has no limits!  (not inside the body Lilou insists) As the designer you can choose any number of heads, legs, etc., the more you use your imagination the more amazing the end result.
Example 1:
Monster Designer: Alice (a friend of Lilou’s)
Artist: Lilou
Eyes: Very cute enormous eyes
Head: Small head
On top its head: Unicorn horn
Ears: Very tiny ears
Mouth: Cute mouth
Body: Cat
Feet: Cat
Tail: Very fluffy
Wings: Dragon wings

Example 2:
Monster Designer: Lilou
Artist: Dex
Head: UniKitty
Neck: Giraffe
Body: Dragon
Front Legs: Munchkin cat
Middle Legs: Eagle
Back Legs: Scorpian
Wings: Angel wings
Tail: Pegasus

Another Graphic Novel coming to tv – Cleopatra in Space! 

 Stay well, keep happy!

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