Geek Forest at Home

geek forest at home 4/13/2020

Carmen Sutton

hello everyone! Lilou took lead on this blog. 

Lilou is recommending this book! Free on audible from her school, but you can hear an excerpt here: Interview with the Robot

Movie: Carrot Cake Muffin Fun
By: Lilou Sutton 

As part of a project for Lilou's class, we've created an instagram of our cat Thunder. 

a Fun game Lilou & Dex are playing 

and more

geek forest at home 4/4/2020

Carmen Sutton

Welcome to our geek forest at home Sutton Family weekly newsletter & blog. As a family we decided to create a fun project and getting this together has been a blast for us all! We hope you enjoy. Our favorite new tv show, "Tales from the Loop", was inspired by one of our favorite artists Simon Stålenhag. His book from 2015 with the same name features an alternate dystopian universe of the 80's and 90's where his paintings blend futuristic, or perhaps alien, technology that has become part of suburban and rural landscapes. Also, it’s an RPG! Coming soon to Geek Forest! Dex’s guacamole...