World Builder: Creating Video Game Art with Procreate Fall 2023

World Builder: Creating Video Game Art with Procreate Fall 2023

Location: Geek Forest Shop 122 Bedford Ave.

Art + Design Lab

World Builder: Creating Video Game Art with Procreate

Welcome to World Builder, an exciting and creative class designed specifically for kids who love video games and have a passion for digital art! In this course, young aspiring artists and game enthusiasts will embark on an interactive journey to master the art of creating captivating video game assets and stunning backgrounds using the powerful digital art tool, Procreate.

Throughout the course, kids will explore the fundamentals of game design and pixel art, unleashing their imagination and honing their artistic skills. Under the guidance of experienced educators, they will learn how to use Procreate's versatile features to bring their ideas to life with vibrant colors, dynamic shapes, and intricate details.

The curriculum is carefully crafted to provide a hands-on learning experience, where students will be introduced to various techniques such as character design, object creation, and environment illustration. They will gain valuable insights into the principles of composition, perspective, and color theory, which are crucial for creating visually appealing game assets. 

Whether they dream of designing characters for epic adventures, crafting environments for fantasy realms, or even developing their own video games, this class will equip young artists with the necessary skills and confidence to embark on their creative journey. By the end of the course, participants will have a stunning portfolio of personalized video game assets and backgrounds that showcase their unique style and creativity. Join us and unlock your child's potential to create mesmerizing video game worlds using Procreate. Together, let's inspire the next generation of digital artists and game developers.

Educator: Air Hoover
Fridays 3-5pm
Dates: 9/15 – 1/26
No Classes: 11/24 & 12/29
Location: Geek Forest Shop 122 Bedford Ave.
Ages: 6+
Available Seats: 4

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