WINTER BREAK CAMP 2017 - Day 5: Friday February 24

Geek Forest

WINTER BREAK CAMP 2017 - Day 5: Friday February 24

Makey Makey: Whack-A-Potato
(Apprentice Morning , Junior Afternoon)
Students will be introduced to hardware and electrical application to software programming. Using Scratch to program own version of digital “Whack-a-Mole” game and using Makey Makey circuit board connected to the game, students will be able to interact with their program using potatoes.

MinecraftEdu: Castleland
(Apprentice Afternoon, Junior Morning)
Once students find their way through the castle, they will choose from seven lands, each with a different challenge. Once they are teleported to their selection, they will work in a team to solve specific challenge such as constructing a bridge, rebuilding a museum, build a fence and tame the horses, build a pirate ship with cannons and more!

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