WINTER BREAK CAMP 2017 - Day 4: Thursday February 23

Geek Forest

WINTER BREAK CAMP 2017 - Day 4: Thursday February 23

Papercraft: Forest Animals
(Apprentice Afternoon, Junior Morning)
Introduce students the art of paper manipulation and the importance of geometric shapes in nature and technology. Construct a polygon mask shaped like a rabbit, bear, fox, or bird.

Robotics Design Challenge: Make it move without Wheels
(Apprentice Morning)
Many students who has taken a Robotics class might be familiar with creating robots to move using wheels. Can you build a robot that crawl or walk? Using LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Education EV3 sets, students will work together to build a forward moving robot using some mechanism other than wheels. Students will get to be familiar with the importance of balance and center of mass in a structure.

Junior Robotics: Helicopter Design
(Junior Afternoon)
Learn to build a helicopter model using LEGO® Education WeDo™ 2.0 kit. Through the build, there will be discussion on the different components necessary to complete the build. Helicopter will not be able to fly.

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