WINTER BREAK CAMP 2017 - Day 2: Tuesday February 21

Geek Forest

WINTER BREAK CAMP 2017 - Day 2: Tuesday February 21

Anti-Gravity Vehicle
(Apprentice Morning, Junior Afternoon)
Build a moving vehicle that is anti-gravity. Students will get to build and modify their vehicle to test the speed. The vehicle uses magnetics to levitate it on track. Students will need to measure the exact width of the track to ensure their vehicle doesn’t create too much friction or too much gap. Topic of discussion will be about the properties of magnetics and the physics behind it. Examine the magnetic repulsion that provides the force for levitation.

3D Pen: Drawing & Creations
(Junior Morning, Apprentice Afternoon)
With 3D pens, you’re not just drawing. You’re creating! Teaching your child the basics techniques of using a 3D pen from operating filaments to troubleshooting errors. Students will learn to use this modern technical tool to create art designs and objects. We understand learning to use a new tool is always challenging. That’s why this class will be supported with plenty of trail and errors, with guidance on best practices. Students will be able to take home any of their creations.

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