WINTER BREAK CAMP 2017 - Day 1: Monday February 20

Geek Forest

WINTER BREAK CAMP 2017 - Day 1: Monday February 20

Let’s build a drone!
(Apprentice Morning)
Learn basic design of building a quadcopter using LEGO® bricks, motors, and flight control board. Students will explore the importance of motor position and propeller shapes for drone to fly. Students will learn how to fly their drones using an iPad. Students do not take home the drones.

Robotics: Motorcycle
(Apprentice Afternoon)
Build and program a motorcycle using LEGO® MINDSTORMS® EV3. The motorcycle robot will be driven by an intricate driveshaft connected to a stationary motor. It will drive around in circle while the program counts the number of laps using ultrasonic sensor.

MinecraftEdu: Basic Turtle Training
(Junior Morning)
Learn how to program virtual robot called Turtle in Minecraft. These Turtles will be able to mine, craft and build just like your character can. By learning how to program these virtual robots, they can help you mine for resources and build your house as you sit back and marvel at your hard work.

Junior Robotics: Race Car Challenge
(Junior Afternoon)
Who can build the fastest vehicle using Lego bricks, wheels, gears and axles? Students will use LEGO® Education WeDo™ 2.0 kit to build their car. They will use an iPad to learn basic principles of programming and operation of their vehicle. Through Bluetooth connection, the students programming data will be transferred to their robot car for a tether-free race.


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