Winter Break 2020 Williamsburg

Monday - Friday, February 17 - 21 
(grades 4-8)

Storytelling Through Comics
Learn about comic book design. We will introduce students to a wide variety of comics to explore. Students will then create a set of characters for their story and some setting ideas. As they begin their creation they will learn about borders, close-ups, word and thought bubbles and sound effects. Students will bring home the comic they designed. Students will learn to develop the story arc in comics. Leading from the introduction, the incident, the conflict and rising action, the climax and the resolution. With this storytelling process and character development they will have a finished comic story to take home.

Dungeon's & Dragons Campaign
We will run a weeklong campaign of Dungeons & Dragons with customized characters. Dungeons & Dragons is a collaborative storytelling game that will enhance teamwork, problem solving, math, and reading skills through world building and imagination. Limited Seats!  

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