Winter Break 2020 Greenpoint

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(grades k-5)
Wednesday, February 19 

Light up Creatures Circuitry Lab 
In this lab students will get to create their own light up creature using simple circuits made from LED’s, copper tape, and batteries and crafting materials to bring their creature to life. 

Storytelling Through Comics
Using their light up creatures, students will design a comic book story using their creature as the main character. Students will learn about the elements of comic design and storytelling to create a work of art that can be used as a bedtime story.

Thursday, February 20 

Creative Coding Lab (k-2)
In this lab students will be introduced to coding using scratch a platform using block coding to bring animated characters to life. They will begin with two- non-coding exercises to help them understand the process of coding and will get to put their skills to test by coding a story developed around a conversation between two or more characters. 

Creative Coding Lab (3-5) 
Students will explore creative coding in Python language by coding their own art masterpieces. They will experiment with shapes, color, sizes and backgrounds using loops to repeat shapes & create intricate geometric patterns that are only possible in code.

Pop up Books Lab
In this lab students will get to design a story for story time and animate it and make it POP using pop-up book design elements to bring their characters and elements to life. 

Friday, February 21 

Minecraft Clubhouse Hangout 
In this lab students will work in groups to build a clubhouse. They will collaboratively spend time thinking about the kind of space they will want to create. What does your clubhouse need? A game room, a kitchen, a lounge, etc? What should it look like? A dome, a treehouse, ice-sculpted? They will enjoy a great space they built together as a team. 

Adventure Lab: Zip Lines and Parachutes 
In this lab students will engage in the design challenge to using recyclable materials to design a zip line and parachute to get their handmade creatures from one location to another and land safely in the safe zone!

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