Urban Street Art Lab GP Spring 2020

Urban Street Art Lab

New York City is home to some of the most beautiful works of street art, especially in our home, Brooklyn! In this class students will draw inspiration from community art to create their own art pieces and learn about culture, style, and technique, breaking through the negative perceptions of the amazing art form. Students will explore techniques of painting, drawing, etc. & mural advertising like Colossal Media. This class is part art, part design, and part exploration of the neighborhood with field trips. We will talk about and explore the different reasons and styles of public art ranging from architecture and advertising, to memorialization and individual expression.


Instructor: Cal Fish

Wednesdays 3-5pm
Location: 67 West 
Grade Level: K-5
Available Seats: 8 
January 29 - June 17 
No Classes: February 19 & April 15



If you are interested in any CLOSED class
please email carmen@thegeekforest.com for possible availability.