Theo Jansen-style Biped Robot kit


$ 49.95
The spiritual successor to The Mini Strandbeest, this kit uses physicist/artist Theo Jansen's technique to create an elegant walking robot!

This bipedal robot is propelled in the same way as the The Strandbeest - without electricity or batteries and only by the power of the wind. Simply put together the kit, place the robot on a flat surface, add a fan or some blowing air, and watch as it walks gracefully and fluidly forward. It's a fun, easy, and unique kit for both kids and adults and looks great while in motion or resting on a mantelpiece. It truly is a work of physics and a work of art!

There's no English manual so this one is more of a challenge than the other Gakken kits. But the pictures are fairly simple to follow and the kit should only take a couple of hours to build. 

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