Sunday Family Maker Lab

Geek Forest

Maker Lab Location: 67 West Street, suite 228
Time: 12:30pm
Price per family: $5 for supplies, etc.
Curated by: Jennifer Ramdin

4/28 Family Maker Lab: Textures, Materials, and Slime? 
Join us in this fun workshop to create different types of slime while exploring different materials used to create it! 
5/5 Family Maker Lab: Mexican Mirrors in Honor of Cinco De Mayo 
Celebrate and learn about the historical traditions derived from the Mexican Celebration of Cinco De Mayo by creating your own Mexican mirror art! 
5/12 Family Maker Lab: Mother’s Day Galaxy Handprint  
Create a super cute galaxy hand print portrait just in time for Mother's Day. Use it to turn into a gift or to simply hang up on the wall! 
6/9 Family Maker Lab: Cool Chemistry w/ Potions and Lava 
Dive into the realm of chemistry by creating your very own magical potion, and your own baby lava lamp while learning about how different ingredients reacts together! 
6/16 Family Maker Lab: Light It Up Father's Day Shirt Cards 
Celebrate Father’s Day with this sentimental craft and create your own light it up, interactive shirt card as a gift for your dad!

Refunds: Absolutely no refunds once class is purchased unless minimum seating is not met.
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