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SugarLand Polka Dot Donkey Coin Purse

SugarLand Polka Dot Donkey Coin Purse

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"Let's jump for joy, it's just fun to do" Polka-dot-donkey has this invitation for you. Being yourself is encouraged to do, who knows you might find a Polka-dot-donkey inside of you! You are unique in every way, come join us for a Polka-dot donkey day. This spunky coin purse, what a treat, what a terrific 'souvenir', from SugarLand.


  • Made from 100% vegan, leather-like material.
  • Lined with a joyful, fuchsia pink satin 4 ¾" wide x 4 ½" high
  • Silver Plated two-piece, sturdy trim kiss clasp ball closure
  • Artwork by celebrated artist, Fiona Hewitt
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