Student School Support

School Support: One-on-One or Pod

For those of you who wish your learner had more engagement and support during school hours & after, we are offering remote one-on-one and pod support customized to what your learner needs.

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In these unprecedented times, our kids are having a harder time staying engaged, understanding school content, and being responsible for their work all on their own. This responsibility ends up falling on the parent, who understandably does not have time. Why not let us step in and help out? Geek Forest is now offering extra support during school & after for our students in understanding and completing their work.

Book a week in advance to secure your monthly slot for either your child individually or a class pod and receive a discount per student. Classes will be held over Google Meet. Deposit is required to reserve support slots. Once deposit is received, we will reach out and customize your class time!

Pricing: 1 hour min per week
Base Price & One-on-One: $50/hr
$5 for each additional student 

For example, an hour class with a pod of 4 students, the total cost would be $65 for that hour, which breaks down to $16.25 per student.

Flexible hours between 9am-5pm.
Book month to month, register a week in advance.

$100 Deposit will go towards your class fee