Stop Motion Animation & Photography GP Spring 2020

Stop Motion Animation & Photography

Kids will learn about the stages of producing media, and the various technology and techniques they can use to make animations in the first part, and photography in the second part of this program. The program encourages a spirit of play and experimentation combined with thought provoking activities that aim to motivate students to think about themselves and the world around them and to explore image-making as a way of visual storytelling. There will be a celebration at the end to edit, discuss and share our projects from both sections.

1: Stop Motion Animation

Any action that one performs throughout the day could easily be turned into an animation –in this hands-on class, students will develop an understanding of the fundamentals of animation and collaborating with others to bring their unique stories to life and use their bodies and found.

2: Photography: Painting with Light

In a series of field trips, kids will learn about the connection between light and exposure. We will experiment with photograms (sun prints) outside, a camera-less process rooted in the origins of photography, as well as long exposures and light paintings in the studio. Based on our findings we with design and build our own pinhole cameras to learn about optics and capture. 


Instructor: Agustina Fioretti

Tuesdays 3-5pm
Location: 67 West 
Grade Level: K-5
Available Seats: 8 
January 28 - June 16 
No Classes: February 18, April 14 & June 9



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