Spring Break 2019 - Tinkerers (K-2)

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Spring Break 2019 - Tinkerers (K-2)


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Beginners Digital 3D Design: Build your own House (morning)
For those looking to get into 3D building, there’s no better place to start than with Tinkercad. Tinkercad makes it easy to understand 3D design by breaking it down into a few simple tools, a large array of customizable shapes, and an interface that students can pick up with ease. In this lab, students will learn the ins and outs of Tinkercad, going over object placement, grouping, and how one might go about crafting a fictional 3D house (or space station, if that’s more your speed).

Graphite Circuitry (afternoon)
Circuitry: we don’t often think of it as art, but that’s where this class proves us all wrong. Using graphite pencils, students get to illustrate their own circuitry paths, using battery power to illuminate a light bulb at the end of their illustrations. These designs can range from simple and geometric, to expressive and dynamic. How you choose to build your path totally up to you! This lab is not only a creative artistic exercise, but educates students on the nature of circuitry and electricity as well.


Indoor & Outdoor Offline Coding (morning)
(first part inside/second part outside)
You can’t have programming without a bit of logic, and for some, getting familiar with the logic first is a great introduction to the world of programming. This class is split into two activities, one indoors, and one outside. In the first lab, students will practice coding logic through a paper exercise, practicing logic through visual representation of functions. The second activity takes the students outdoors to practice their logic through a “Simon Says”-style exercise referencing if-then statements. This activity’s a great choice for those looking to get some outdoor time, while exercising their logical thinking skills a bit too.

Comic Book Design (afternoon)
Whether you’re a fan of writing or drawing, comic building is one of the most expressive forms of storytelling out there. Combining literature with illustration is what comic book design does best, but designing your own layout and art style is what brings this form of storytelling to the next level. Few forms of literature are as expansive as comic book design, which is what makes this lab shine. Students will get the opportunity to learn about the basics of comic book creation, helpful tools to keep their pages looking sharp, as well as some tips on how to tell an effective story.


Game Design: Star Wars Arcade (morning) 
Design your own Star Wars game! Students will use the tactile feature of Bloxels to create levels, and the app to bring their story to life with dialogue, change the graphics and backgrounds, and more. They will also be able to play missions as classic heroes and villains, and use your imagination to create your own Star Wars Universe.
Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt (afternoon)
See what the neighborhood has to offer! Students will take part in the teacher guided Greenpoint Scavenger Hunt in which they will tour around the neighborhood on foot to search for all the great sights Greenpoint is home to. They will be on the lookout for street names, murals, Greenpoint landmarks, and so much more as they get to learn about the community. All Students must be prepared for this trip and dress appropriately. They will bring home a handmade journal of their trip.


Code Mad Libs (morning)
Ever had an idea for a game that you wanted to build and test out? Scratch is the go-to tool for tinkerers to get started with the basics of game design and visual programming. In this course, students will be exploring the art of storytelling and logic through creative Mad-Libs style code projects. Students will learn to use their imagination and get a conceptual understanding of code and programming logic through fun and silly stories. This course is designed to show students the complexities and infinite possibilities that lies within creative programming and the overlap with storytelling and writing.

Sun Print Photo Lab (afternoon)
Combine art and chemistry in this highly fascinating design lab. Sun prints are a process unlike any other, led entirely by your choices on what kind of objects you want printed, and how you want them arranged. In this lab, students will get to choose from organic, crafty, and geeky objects to print with, exposing their sheets to sunlight when they’re done, and observing the fascinating effects. Students will get to craft their own shapes and designs to print as well, and when the process is over, students will get to take their sheets home.


Minecraft: Redstone Chain Reaction Contraption (morning)
This lab is an immersive look into the nature of cause and effect (in the most elaborate way you could imagine). Rube Goldbergs are what you get when you ask yourself: how can I complete the simplest task in the most complicated way possible? In this case: delivering a pie. Combine redstone, minecarts, pistons, slime, and more in this over-the-top Minecraft exercise perfect for demonstrating physics and practicing some Minecraft engineering.

DIY Marble Run (afternoon)
Gravity: it’s known to send things downwards. And what shows this off better than a set of marbles? This lab is a DIY engineering crafts project known to fill an entire wall, but why stop there? Create high-speed tracks that span walls, floors, ceilings, you name it. This lab is an exercise in construction with recycled materials, encouraging an eye for decoration, detail, and personality in your builds.



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