Spirited Away: Vol. 4

Spirited Away: Vol. 4

$ 9.95

After Chihiro's parents are turned into pigs in an "abandoned" town full of spirits, a mysterious boy, Haku, helps her survive by getting her a job in the palatial Abura-ya bath house from its boss, the witch Yubaba. Clumsy at first, Chihiro, renamed Sen, manages in the baths to free a stinking river spirit of the human garbage trapped within it. The spirit flies away, leaving her a magical medicine. Now No Face, whom Sen let in to the bath house, is turning the place upside down, flinging gold to the staff, downing dish after dish...and demanding to see Sen!

Publisher : VIZ Media LLC; Original ed. Edition (January 8, 2003)
Paperback : 172 pages
Product Dimensions : 5 x 0.5 x 7.13 inches