Soldering Sundays Buzz's Brain Blast

Soldering Sundays

$ 24.95
Soldering Sundays Buzz's Brain Blast


Includes a Buzz kit, Pixel Pal Pi kit, and a Brain Board Kit. Perfect for beginners who are looking to try something a little more challenging. When the Brain Board is complete, you will have you very own microcontroller. Buzz works with Raspberry PI and Arduino.

Buzz and his friends, The Pixel Pals, live on Planet M and they are makers. Through their adventures, they learn about different materials and technologies, solve problems, and explore new ideas.

  • Buzz is easy to build for all skill levels, especially beginners. 
  • Buzz encourages exploration and play. 
  • Buzz can be used to learn other skills, such as programming. 
  • Buzz is fun. 
  • Buzz is educational and builds S.T.E.A.M. Skills. 

Buzz is simple to assemble and interactive when complete. Buzz works with his Brain Board, Arduino, and with Raspberry Pi. Buzz is ready for adventure and he needs your help make it possible.

Designed to Make Learning Easy And Fun
Many electronic kits do not offer anything more than a battery and a LED. Once completed, those kits end up in a drawer, never to be used again. At the other end of the spectrum, there are electronic kits that are really interesting but have so many parts and instructions that they are intimidating. That is why we designed Buzz and the Pixel Pals to be simple to assemble, easy to use, and to be compatible with Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and dozens of other platforms.