Soft & Wearable Sculpture + Outdoor Art WB SPRING 2019

Geek Forest

GRADE LEVEL: 1st Grade & up
Available Seats: 6
January 30 - June 12
Instructor: Cal Fish
Price: $595 

This course will start off indoors while it’s cold. We will spend time with an introduction to sewing, weaving, paper collage, building with pipe cleaners and other soft materials. The techniques we spend more time on will be determined by student interest and we will often use recycled materials. Students will create costumes and wearable items occasionally with embedded electronics, pillows and stuffed animals, and other fun sculptures. We will make individual and group projects to take home and to use later in the second half of the class. When it gets warmer we will bring some of our items outdoors, and get familiar with different nearby parks. We will take our skills developed in the first half of the class to create new objects based on the life starting to grow in the park and other things we find there. Depending on student interest we will put on plays in the park with our costumes and sculptures, or create soft sculptures to compliment and be installed in parks as public art by kids.


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$ 595.00

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