Science & Plant Exploratorium Fall 2020

Science & Plant Exploratorium Fall 2020


Price prorated to Sept. 28 start date


Science & Plant Exploratorium


Ever wanted to do your own science experiments and share your results with everyone? This class will teach you everything you need to know on how to be a scientist! Students will perform guided experiments for the first half of the course and will learn how to conduct their own experiments in the second half. They will learn proper data collecting methods and traditional science experiment best practices. We will explore all three major science pillars: biology, physics, and chemistry.
We will be dissecting plants and learning about what really makes them plants. We will learn the roles different plant parts play in their growth, how they grow, and even get to snack on them! There will be hands-on activities to get familiar with a wide variety of species we can enjoy. We will get a close look at plant structures and practice our science skills in observations, thinking, and experimenting.


Instructor: Navida Vignoles
Mondays 3-4pm
Ages: 5-7
Minimum Students: 2, Max 6
Class Link: Google Meet (invites will be sent prior to class)
Device: computer or tablet for Google Meet
Materials: if applicable, household materials list will be sent out on a monthly basis
Start Date: September 21



$ 360.00