Making Electronic Music w/ Pocket Operator

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Making Electronic Music w/ Pocket Operator

SATURDAY FEBRUARY 4th 4-6pm – Making Electronic Music w/ Pocket Operator

Instructor: Mark DeNardo

Description: This workshop features the small, ultra portable handheld music sequencers, with studio quality sound and the flexibility to make music on the go called the Pocket Operator. Students will learn how to sound design, compose, and sequence by applying the 3 main commands with the Pocket Operator: Sound, Pattern, and BPM.  Students will also learn to sound design instruments and assign values within the 16 Step Composition Matrix as well as apply live SFX and lock parameters to sound patches and patterns.

Requirements: Pocket Operator (bring your own or 20% off day of workshop)

Prerequisites: 18+

Materials: You will need headphones & the Pocket Operator - You can purchase Pocket Operator in store or online.

Fee: $25 

Available seats: 10

Minimum seats: 4 - We reserve the right to cancel the class if we do not have the minimum amount of students. If we cancel, we will refund you in full and notify you.

Refunds: Absolutely no refunds once class is purchased unless minimum seating is not met.


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