Robotics Code Lab Tuesdays GP Fall 2019

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Robotics Code Lab Tuesdays GP Fall 2019

Robots! Robots! Robots! They’re everywhere these days! Do you ever wonder what makes them tick? Or even…how to make them tick?! Come join us as we explore different robots and methods of coding. We will start off with basic coding, problem solving and collaborating both with our human and robot friends! We will also do some take home robotics projects during the course of this class. If you like robots – you will like this course.


Instructor: TBA

Tuesdays 3-5pm 
Location: 67 West 
Grade Level: K-5 
Available Seats: 8 
September 10 - January 21

No Classes: 
October 1
November 5
December 24
December 31



School pickups are available based on enrollment.

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