Remote Summer 7/19-7/23 MOON!: D&D Myriad Landscape

Dungeons & Dragons: Myriad Landscape

Remote Full Week D&D Campaign

On a certain demiplane, a certain clandestine group is beginning to run across complications. Terrifying monstrosities pop up where there were none, the weather, climate, and the very ground shift and swell uncontrollably, and unstable rifts to other places in the multiverse open and swallow people and sometimes entire places, whisking them to parts unknown. The organization's numbers are quite hardy - but are they hardy enough to stand against both the elements and their long-time rivals whose motivations are opposite their own?

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Myriad Landscape is a homebrewed adventure for Wizards of the Coast's Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition focused on exploring a living, dynamic area that changes over the course of the adventure. It is the first in a loosely-connected series of adventurers that also includes Evolving Landscape and Terramorphic Expanse.

Teacher: Matt Rubin
Monday-Friday 1-4pm EST (10am-1pm PST)
Ages: 10+
5 days:  July 19 - July 23
Minimum Students: 3, Max:
Class Link: Google Meet & Roll20 (invites will be sent prior to class)
Device: Computer for Google Meet & Roll20

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please email for possible availability.