Remote June 29 – July 3 ages 6-10

ages 6 – 10

Remote online teacher led course



Games from a Distance + Alternative Art

This weeklong workshop will be focused on learning how to play games and make unique art projects together from a distance using the resources available to us. Each day we will spend half of our class on an art project and half of our class playing games virtually through video chat and occasionally in an internet browser. All games and projects are interactive and flexible depending on student interest, ability, and experience. Our main goals are to have fun, open up space for creativity, and be together as a group through technology.

*Required: various household materials for projects - list will be sent prior to class


MAKER ART/DESIGN: (afternoon)

Lego Stop Motion Animation Lab

Bring your Legos to life in this fun stop animation class. Stop motion is an animation technique almost as old as motion pictures themselves. Learn to create a storyboard, plot line & characters, shoot your movie with Legos.

*Required: an iPad & iStopmotion app installed prior to class

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