Remote July 13 – July 17 Ages 6-10

ages 6 – 10

Remote online teacher led course


MAKER GAMER: (9am-12pm)

Chess Lab 

Chess Master: Simon Rudowski

The chess program at Geek Forest will start with the explanation of the game rules and basic piece movements. From there, we'll get to the exploration of the game which gets more complex as we put more pieces on the board. The aim of the course will be to make sure that by the end of the school year the students know basic game-winning patterns and are able to formulate plans that can get them there. All of it will be done in a relaxed, fun way, because chess should be fun


Game Design Lab

Instructor: James Berry

Build your own game. It all starts with an idea. The sky's the limit. Build games and tell stories about anything you can imagine. We will guide the students with storyboarding their ideas on paper. They will use the tactile feature of Bloxels to create levels, characters, and any other art you have in mind. Using an app, they will capture and edit layouts and art, and animate your heroes and enemies.

*Required: an iPad with Bloxels app installed

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