Remote July 13 – July 17 ages 11 – 14

ages 11 – 14

Remote online teacher led course



Music Production Lab

Instructor: Cal Fish

In this lab, we will learn about a variety of fun musical tools and methods available to us remotely in our homes. Luckily, we have more musical tools available to us online than ever! Each day a new tool and media artifact will be introduced before we set aside time to focus in on our individual musical interests, production, and play. All will be invited to share their works and receive feedback from the group. Access to an iPad for Garageband and other apps is very helpful but not completely necessary. This lab will prioritize student interests and needs and can help those experienced with music production continue to grow and build a collection of recordings, and can also work as an introduction to music production and recording. No experience is necessary though a familiarity with navigating digital apps and website will be helpful.

*Required: an iPad or computer with Garageband installed prior to class

MAKER GAMER: (1pm-4pm)

Dungeons & Dragons: Ways & Wardens

DM: Matt Rubin

In the realm of Siyez, the path of the adventurer is quite a noble one. For reasons far beyond the understanding of most mortals, when the right group of the right individuals comes together to act together for a proper cause, they will draw the attention of a being known as a Warden - an extra-planar entity that serves as a mix of a guardian, a retainer, and an impartial judge. Once watched over by a Warden, the now-greenhorn adventurers traditionally set off on journeys untold once they get their footing, in groups known as Troupes. However, a malicious presence lurks on the horizon. With threats of invasion from dark forces slowly evolving from mere rumors into realistic possibilities, the people of Siyez can only hope that its many Troupes can band together to keep them safe.

Ways and Wardens is a homebrewed campaign for Wizards of the Coast's Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition that takes place in a high-magic, high-fantasy, "Noblebright" setting. The campaign is built to be accessible and fun for everyone from veteran players to newcomers.

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