REMOTE: Dungeon & Dragons: Into the Breach Spring 2023

REMOTE: Dungeon & Dragons: Into the Breach Spring 2023

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Location: Remote D&D

REMOTE: Dungeons & Dragons: Into the Breach

In a familiar, well-explored location of the world, strange, unusual, and new phenomena are beginning to manifest. At first, the locals don't think too much of it, and even enjoy the boons that the strange events bestow. However, after archeologists locate a previously-unknown ancient facility in the middle of a mountain which seems to lead down to the long-feared dark underground of the region, people begin to become skeptical and even fearful of the greater implications of the recent changes to life that they once embraced. They say it will likely take a team of skilled adventurers to get the bottom of this: who will rise to the challenge?

Into the Breach is a homebrew adventure for Wizards of the Coast's Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition with themes and motifs focusing on changes from the past, the potential to change in the future, and the way in which the way life is in the present contrasts with both. Familiar elements of D&D will clash with forces which, at first seem familiar, but upon second glance, are far more than they seem...

DM/Educator: Matt Rubin
Fridays 6-8pm
Dates: 3/24 – 6/23
No Classes: 4/7, 4/14, 4/21 & 6/9
Class Link: via + roll20 (link will be sent prior to class)
Ages: 10+
Available Seats: 5

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