Remote D&D: Rock the Heist Fall 2021

Fall 2021 Remote D&D Campaign

In the city-state of Snorlicrux, there once was a time where those with the most money reigned supreme, and reign they did. Their gilded palaces were protected by the best defenses they could find; lethal traps, top-notch guard details, and complex layouts only complemented by their immense size. Today, only one such place has survived the sweeping reforms in both legislature and economy - Eilla Manor, home to the once-great House Eilla. They haven't been outside the manor for ages, which makes sense, as it was said that back in the day, one could be born, grow up, live life, and die within its sprawling halls. However, after a run-in with a pack of bandits, a certain adventuring party has come across a partial schematic of the manor, which suggests that there is an area of it that could be broken into. An attached note claims that worth far more than the mountains of gold is a single glimmering gemstone, known as the Eilla Diamond, located at the heart of the manor.

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Rock the Heist is a homebrewed adventure for Wizards of the Coast's Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition that functions predominantly as a dungeon crawl with elements of Gothic Horror, although one that requires creative thinking outside the box: expect to enter and exit the dungeon, and explore the world outside, as some parts of it will only be surmountable with that which can be found outside the manor.  Of course, retrieving the Eilla Diamond is easier said than done.

DM: Matt Rubin
Fridays: 5-7pm EST
Dates:  September 24 - December 17
No classes: 11/26 Thanksgiving (schools closed)
Ages: 9-12
Minimum Students: 2, Max:
Class Link: Google Meet & Roll20 (invites will be sent prior to class)
Device: Computer for Google Meet & Roll20

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