Remote D&D: One-Shot Exhibition Spring Break 2022

Dungeons & Dragons: One-Shot Exhibition

Remote D&D Campaign

While long-form campaigns are a great way to play D&D, sometimes a more pick-up-and-play format can be a refreshing change of pace. Each day of this class, players will be able to vote on and play a shorter-form Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition adventure that takes place over just that day. These one-shots are fit for players of all levels of experience, although the Friday one-shot options will be aimed at players who have created a character at least once. Each day runs from 10am-4pm with a 1 hour break in between for lunch.

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  • Jack's Ire Park: A harvest carnival has come to town, but all is not as it appears. What lurks behind its festive façade?
  • Marooned, Unbridled: Everyone in town has been having very, very strange dreams. Does it have anything to do with the strange sculpture that appeared in town square recently?
  • The Tarnished Mirror: The party encounters a strange mirror deep in the woods, seemingly with another world behind it. What secrets could lie beyond its pane?


  • Abhorrent Yuletide: You've been invited to attend a festive party at the home of a local noble. When things take a disturbing turn, will you be able to prevail.
  • Pachyderm Pit Throwdown: For those who dare to live dangerously, Kel Kelloom's Pachyderm Pit offers great rewards. But can you survive day-after-day of near-death experiences in the ring?
  • The Soothsayer's Collection: You awaken in a strange transparent prison, held aloft in a cave filled with refuse. What horrors will you have to endure in order to escape?


  • The Horror of Fyrdwaust Manor: At first, it was the discovery of a few ghost towns surrounding an abandoned manor. So why does anyone who goes near them vanish without a trace?
  • Most of the Animals: A large owl flew into town and shocked everyone when it urgently requested, aloud, in plain speech, to meet with the best adventurers in the land. What could this strigiform have to say?
  • Spring Queen's Eminence: Greenvale, a recently-founded town formed from a major trading post, had its Spring Festival several weeks ago, and hasn't been heard from since. Just what is causing trade to be held up like this?


  • The Derelict: A very large shipwreck has appeared just off the coast, and vessels from a nearby port town have started to go missing. Just what lies inside?
  • Midsummer Nightmare: Once every 100 years, a solar event occurs that causes a rift to open to the forgotten Prominence Court. How many adventurers will it take to stop the Fey inferno that resides with?
  • Strange Scheme: An aunt-and-nephew archeologist duo are seeking adventurers for hire to join them in exploring a recently discovered pyramid. What riches and dangers could lie within?


  • Boarding the Agares: Jawa Voz, dangerous and feared villain that you have something of a history with, is piloting a tremendous vessel towards your current location. It seems like an ultimatum that will end with an ultimate showdown, but could there be more to it?
  • Gauntlet of the Immortals: You're something of a legendary hero, you've toppled the best-of-the-best and even saved the world a few times. When an invitation to participate in the unfamiliar "Gauntlet of the Immortals" appears on your doorstep, do you rise to the challenge?
  • The Octet: You may have grown too powerful for your own good: you receive a letter that a group known as "The Octet" is now after your head. Apparently if you can take out half of them, they'll relent, but can you make it that far?

Teacher: Matt Rubin
Monday-Friday 1-4pm EST (10am-1pm PST)
Ages: 12+
Minimum Students: 2, Max: 6 
Class Link: Google Meet & Roll20 (invites will be sent prior to class)
Device: Computer for Google Meet & Roll20

If you are interested in any SOLD OUT or CLOSED class
please email for possible availability.