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MAKERS (ages 11 – 14)

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MAKER GAMER: (1pm-4pm)

D&D: The Polluted Mine

DM: Matt Rubin

Many a quest have lead greenhorn adventures down into the depths of mines, usually abandoned or otherwise in disuse. Gamali Mine, at first, appeared to be as unremarkable as a mine could get. Even as fewer and fewer people used it over the years, it was the public opinion in the town of Amez that if anything were to befall it, they could just send members of the town guard to handle the problem. One day, people began to hear strange sounds from inside the mine, and the guards were indeed sent in. When they didn't return, more were sent in a week later. Before long, far too many has been lost. And so, the people of Amez let the mine be. But the sounds got louder and louder. And the disappearances started. That was one month ago. Now, the people of Amez love in fear, awaiting someone or something that could relieve them of the horrors of Gamali.

The Polluted Mine is a homebrewed campaign for Wizards of the Coast's Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition that takes place in a med-magic, med- fantasy setting with elements of horror, suspense, and mystery. Any player who is looking for a chilling twist in the traditional Dungeons and Dragons formula will feel right at home.

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