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Fiona Hewitt: Queen Bee Puzzle

Fiona Hewitt: Queen Bee Puzzle

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Fiona Hewitt’s retro style draws on a variety of sources, including propaganda, vintage ephemera and most recently the iconography of the Indian sub continent and the theme of the modern goddess. Travel has been a major inspiration throughout her work, most specifically the four years she spent living in Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai where she was first introduced to the wonders of lantern festivals, flea markets, 1960’s toys and communist China. These passions and obsessions have inspired some of her best known work; the Asian inspired beauty brand Miso Pretty (for Blue Q) and the 1950’s, Asian, kitsch creations she made for her own company Wu & Wu. Fiona lives and works in Brighton in the UK.

  • 1000 piece puzzles
  • 2mm thick ribbon-cut puzzle
  • made of 90% recycled material
  • printed with soy-based inks with an anti-glare finish
  • packed in a resealable bag with minimal dust
  • includes a reference insert tucked into each sturdy and attractive box


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