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November 18, 2023: Dungeons & Dragons: Welcome to Rokhatima

November 18, 2023: Dungeons & Dragons: Welcome to Rokhatima

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Welcome to Rokhatima, the original fantasy setting of When Crit Happens, for an exclusive opportunity to play D&D in the same world you hear on the show! 

The cast of the show will be running a D&D 5e one-shot adventure using their unique approach to playing—and discussing—table top roleplaying games. Use one of their premade characters, or bring your own. (2-3 hours of gameplay followed by a discussion)

About When Crit Happens

A Brooklyn based podcast that explores how fantasy games and real world issues intersect. Listen to their actual play campaign episodes on all platforms, which always include a discussion of any “Crit” that took place in the session. For deep dives and exclusive interviews, join their Patreon!

Location: Geek Forest 122 Bedford Avenue
Time: Saturday, November 18 5pm 
Ages: 18+
Available seats: 6

NOTE: $5 secures your seat! You will also receive $5 off anything in the store (day of event only).

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