More Exploring with Robotics Code Lab (K-2) WB Spring 2020

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More Exploring with Robotics Code Lab

Previous session class is not a prerequisite and there is new material for students joining again. In this course students will interact with various types of robots such as the Sphero RVR, Ozobot, Codey Rocky, mBot to understand their functions, how they can be manipulated, programmed and controlled. Students will use foundational programming methods such as Scratch, block coding, color-coding, and mechanical controls to get creative and use their robots to complete missions, challenges, hack the robots, create animations, performances and more. The possibilities are endless in the realm of robotics.


Instructor: Jennifer Ramdin

Wednesdays 3-5pm
Location: 14 Hope
Grade Level: K-2 
Available Seats: 6
January 29 - June 17 
No Classes: February 19 and April 15


School pickups are available based on enrollment.

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  • Drop Off
  • arbor + $180
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$ 895.00

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