Mini Maker – Electro/Mini Maker – Roboto: WB FALL 2018

Geek Forest

THURSDAYS 3:00-4:00pm
GRADE LEVEL: 4-5 year olds
Available Seats: 8
September 20 - January 24
No Classes: 11/22, 12/27
Instructor: Jennifer Ramdin
Price: $450/$540

This beginners course is split into 2 elements Electro and Roboto. For the first half of the session your mini maker will learn the fundamentals of circuitry and resistance through collaboration and experimentation with microcontrollers, wires, and conductors. This is a tactile maker class uses dough and electronics. There will also be mini projects. Roboto is an introductory robot course with Cubelets (robot cubes that easily magnetically click together and can be used in combination with Legos). We will teach students the basic functions of how robots work. We will discover and learn about robotics through teamwork, reading, and drawing. We will investigate the robots through experimentation “open play” and become scientist by doing fun robot challenges.


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