Minecraft Club + Challenges Fall 2020

Minecraft Club + Challenges Fall 2020

REMOTE TINKERERS (ages 6 – 10)

Price prorated to Oct. 2 start date

MAKER GAMER: (3-4:30pm)

Minecraft Club + Challenges


Minecraft Club is based on the idea of community inside the world of Minecraft. The Minecraft Club is a place where friends help friends, where they all make the decisions with creating, exploring, sometimes destroying and rebuilding and ultimately building special bonds between fellow classmates. There will be challenges and free play. 


Instructor: Navida Vignoles
Fridays 3-4:30pm
Ages: 6-10 
Minimum Students: 2, Max 6
Class Link: Google Meet (invites will be sent prior to class)
Device: computer or tablet for Google Meet
Materials: if applicable, household materials list will be sent out on a weekly basis 
Start Date: September 25



$ 540.00